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2013 NBA Free Agency: What Are the Top 5 Landing Spots For Andrew Bynum?

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Top 5 Potential Landing Spots For Andrew Bynum

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

We know who the two headline figures in this year's free agent class are -- that'd be Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Sadly enough, Andrew Bynum could've been in that discussion, but he hasn't taken the court in over a year and the last game he played in was with the Los Angeles Lakers.

I know, we should all feel for the Philadelphia 76ers who acquired via trade just last off-season. However, Bynum was recovering from injury and then he had a "bowling accident" that sidelined him once again. Long story short, Bynum never suited up in Philly and now he's hitting the free agent market with probably a dozen potential landing spots.

However, let's not worry about the long list of potential suitors. Let's narrow things down and dive into the top five potential landing spots and scenarios for Bynum this summer. Regardless of his lack of playing time this past season, Bynum is still probably the second most highly-sought after center in this free agent class.

Where will Andrew Bynum play next years? Let's find out.

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No. 5- Dallas Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks are among those teams that have their sites on making some noise this off-season and Mark Cuban is targeting both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Would Mavericks' fans take a potential Paul, Bynum combo if the team can't land Howard? What about just Bynum in general? It's a possibility.

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No. 4- Atlanta Hawks

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The Atlanta Hawks can afford two max contracts this off-season, so you know who their top two targets are (Paul and Howard). The Hawks are in a similar position as to the Mavericks in this regard. Would Atlanta settle for Bynum? It's possible, but a lot could hinge on their plans for Al Horford down low.

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No. 3- Charlotte Bobcats

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The Charlotte Bobcats need help at the center position. You know what, they need help at every position. The Bobcats want to grab a headline player this off-season, Bynum could be an option. Maybe.

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No. 2- Philadelphia 76ers

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

So, Bynum virtually showed no interest in playing this season. Granted he was either injured, recovering or bowling at one point or another, but Philadelphia has yet to see him in uniform. Now, that could simply be the case moving forward, but at least expect the 76ers to make a play at the 7-footer.

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No. 1- Phoenix Suns

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The Phoenix Suns could very well be the top option for Bynum this off-season. The Suns need help inside and they have the salary cap space to do so. Bynum heading back out west? Well, it could very well be the best fit for both sides.