NBA Finals Flop Watch Game 3: Miami Heat Lose Game, Flop Battle

Despite the on-going studies by Mark Cuban, NBA officials don’t quite have the technology to tell the difference between an actual foul and a flop. Naturally, NBA players have tried to manipulate referees and have done a perfect job throughout the 2013 NBA Finals.

The Miami Heat have emerged as the biggest floppers in the league, but don’t sleep on the flopping efforts of the San Antonio Spurs. Perhaps the Spurs’ most potent player, Tony Parker, is undoubtedly the best flopper on the Spurs’ roster and he didn’t hold back on Tuesday night.

Before the game got out of hand, the Spurs’ point guard flopped out of his mind early in the first quarter — Parker’s excessive flopping landed him in the stands of all places. Surely, the point guard is on his way to becoming the 2013 NBA Finals MVP if indeed the Spurs can put the final nails in Miami’s coffin. LeBron James has owned the label of “King flopper,”  yet his flailing ways have gone by the wayside here on the NBA’s biggest stage.

Chris Bosh has also been scapegoated as an annoying flopper on the Heat’s roster, but even his unnecessary flopping has been kept to a dull roar.

The only word that comes to mind when I think about the collective lack of effort by the Heat on Tuesday is disengaged. Who knows? Maybe the guys on the Miami roster are simply prepping for an Oscar Award in 2013. Either way, the Heat are two losses away from spending the entire offseason without any real hardware.