Judge Wise Not to Dismiss MLB's Lawsuit Against Biogenesis Clinic Officials

A judge has declined to dismiss the lawsuit against the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami.

Back in March, MLB filed a lawsuit against the South Florida anti-aging clinic, as part of the PED scandal that involves more than 20 players.

Carlos Acevedo managed a clinic called Biokem, which preceded the now-closed Biogenesis of America, formerly operated by Tony Bosch. Those two, along with five others, are part of the leveraging lawsuit the MLB filed in an effort to gain cooperation from anyone who may have aided drug use by players.

The lawsuit argues that the clinic solicited players to purchase or use PEDs in violation of their MLB contracts. Acevedo’s attorney said that MLB has been bullying his client, and argued to dismiss the lawsuit because it violated the statute of limitations.

But MLB struck back, and stated that Acevedo had worked with Bosch and other players from 2009-2012, so it was well within the statute of limitations.

This scandal involves some big names, like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, and it’s the second time this judge has denied a motion to dismiss; the first time was on May 30th. A trial date has not been set, but more motions are to be heard June 24.

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