What are Brooklyn Nets Thinking Hiring Jason Kidd as Head Coach?

Man, it must be nice to just announce to the world that you’d like to have a specific job and then get it a week later. That’s exactly what Jason Kidd did 10 days after announcing his retirement as a player in the NBA and now he’s the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Say what?! Kidd doesn’t have any coaching experience and he played against and/or with almost every player on the Nets’ roster. What is Brooklyn thinking? Sure, Kidd is the best player in Nets history after leading them to their only NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and ’03, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s a better coaching candidate than the likes of Brian Shaw, who he beat out for the job.

Just look at Patrick Ewing — this is a guy who is still paying his dues after getting an “upgrade” from assistant head coach to associate head coach when he was hired by the Charlotte Bobcats earlier this week. What is Brooklyn thinking?

Then again, this is the team that gave Joe Johnson a max contract, so clearly there are some managerial problems.

So now Kidd enters a new chapter in his life literally days after announcing that he’s hanging up the high tops. Stranger things have happened.