Fast Pitch: Tim Tebow in MLB, Robert Kraft's Ring, David Wright's Cougar

Tim Tebow Was Almost Drafted By the Los Angeles Angels

It’s hard to imagine Tim Tebow doing anything but waddling out onto a football field and throwing the football with that weird, left-handed motion of his (and making headlines for all kinds of stuff he’s never done and likely never will), but Tebow Mania was almost a baseball thing instead of football. Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Angels considered drafting Tebow as a baseball player right out of high school. It turns out he was quite the stud on the diamond in high school and he could have been floundering around with Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton instead of backing up Tom Brady.

Robert Kraft Claims Russian President Vladamir Putin Stole His Super Bowl Ring

Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots and he has three Super Bowl rings that he likes to polish (who wouldn’t?). However, one of them is missing and he’s blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin. Is this guy trying to start a war? C’mon, man!

New York Mets Reached Out to Dating Site ‘Cougar Life’ to Help With All-Star Votes For David Wright

A lot of pro sports teams do some weird stuff to generate All-Star votes for their players, but the New York Mets are taking things to a whole new level. If you haven’t heard of Cougar Life, we apologize for introducing you to it. Then again, it’s priceless, so you won’t mind.