Chad Johnson's Early Release From Jail Means Absolutely Nothing

Last week, we reported how Chad Johnson was served a 30-day jail sentence after slapping his attorney’s backside. Well, after serving just one week of that sentence, Johnson has now been released.
Judge Kathleen McHugh cut Johnson’s term short, after accepting an apology from the former NFL wide receiver, on Monday. Johnson said that he had time to reflect on the mistakes he made in the courtroom, and was was sorry for disrespecting the courtroom.
Yeah, sure you did, Chad.
He also went on to say that he was thankful to Judge McHugh, as she was the first person to get him to think about the path his life was taking. Something, Johnson said, that not even his parents were able to do.
Johnson was originally in court for a parole violation, and Judge McHugh has ordered that Johnson’s probation be extended until October, with domestic violence counseling sessions twice a week during that time, as well as 25 hours of community service.
His attorney said we can expect Johnson to adhere to these conditions, as plans to reignite his NFL career have been a priority, since his arrest for battery, which got him cut by the Miami Dolphins.
You would think he would get the picture after being cut by two teams in less than 60 days, but this is the same guy who once changed his name to Ochocinco.