Fast Pitch: Flo Rida's Manager Banned, Cheerleaders Perform '22', David Beckham to the NFL?

Here’s the latest edition of Fast Pitch for June 19, 2013:

2013 NBA Finals: Flo Rida’s Manager Freezy Claims Gregg Popovich Got Him Banned For Game 6 & 7

Remember when Flo Rida‘s manager Freezy was ejected from Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat? Well, it looks like the NBA banned him from Games 6 & 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals and according to Freezy–Gregg Popovich is to blame.

It’s understandable why the San Antonio Spurs head coach would want to eliminate all distractions, but it has to hurt that Freezy wasn’t able to witness Game 6 on Tuesday considering it may go down as one of the greatest postseason games of all time.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Come Through With Another Amazing Music Video of Taylor Swift’s ’22′

Last year, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders took the internet by storm for their “Call Me Maybe” music video and they’re at it again with the latest hit by Taylor Swift, “22.” Whether you’re a fan of the song or not, it’s difficult to ignore how catchy this tune is and after seeing these beautiful ladies–there’s a good chance the song won’t seem so bad after all. 

One Mystery NFL Team Offered David Beckham a Kicking Tryout

Everybody knows what David Beckham is capable of with his foot, but could you imagine him wearing a football uniform to kick field goals? Apparently, one NFL team was interested in the possible scenario as they offered the soccer star a kicking tryout.

The only question–which team was it?