San Jose Sick Of Games, Finally Sues MLB For Lollygagging On Oakland Athletics' Move

Over the last decade, the Oakland Athletics have managed to win with little to no revenue and have done so in spite of their awful home field. With that being said, MLB knows just how decrepit the Oakland Coliseum has become and all that Bud Selig has done is make the Athletics’ faithful sit on their hands and wait.

For years, the city of San Jose has offered to bring the Athletics to town, yet there has always been some sort of obstacle. For instance, the San Francisco Giants claim that since they play at AT&T Park — almost an hour from San Jose — the Athletics should take up shop somewhere else. If the move is expected to bring the city of San Jose over $30 million a year, then I don’t see the harm that it could possibly bring the Giants.

Apparently neither does the city of San Jose as it’s suing MLB.

San Jose feels that if it fails to obtain the stadium, it would result in a loss of $1.8 billion in direct spending over 30 years. While that number seems rather exaggerated, the city deserves to have a clear-cut answer from MLB and not be strung along like a high-school girl who is waiting for her crush to text her back.

Either way, the real victims in this are the players on the field. For the second straight season, Bob Melvin has done a wonderful job leading his team and is en route to another divisional crown in the AL West. I’m sure that MLB fans across the country would love to swap their team in exchange for the stellar Athletics roster and minor league system. Instead, the team is caught in the midst of an annoying lawsuit.