Alex Rodriguez Cried For Help During ALCS: Tony Bosch Was There At A Flash

Alex Rodriguez struggled mightily in the 2012 postseason and if his awful numbers weren’t embarrassing enough, the New York Yankees‘ slugger asked for some extra help during the 2012 ALCS. In case you forgot, the Detroit Tigers stifled A-Rod the entire series and after a 1-9 slump the third baseman simply couldn’t take his own futility any longer.

The biogenesis story is full of sketchy characters who have made millions by lying through their teeth, so don’t believe every word that comes flying out of  Tony Bosch‘s mouth. With that being said, multiple outlets have confirmed that the drug dealer did fly from Florida to Detroit in response to A-Rod’s request. The two have been linked for quite some time now and all this does is legitimize the two being in cahoots.

Every MLB player goes through a slump and whether it be on the mound or at the plate, pitchers and hitters alike often ask for advice from coaches or former players. Bosch isn’t either of those and has no business giving Rodriguez anything other than performance enhancing drugs.

If that isn’t sad enough, No. 13 also is rumored to have given Bosch upwards of $4,000 just to keep the encounter under wraps. Hopefully, just like Rodriguez’s steroid-riddled organs, this story will deteriorate and we can get back to stories worthwhile like whether or not players like A-Rod and Ryan Braun are going to get nailed with 100-game suspensions this season.

Surely, the rumors are going to fly in the coming months, yet the hatred for the Yankees’ organization is likely to skyrocket.