Lolo Jones Foolish to Bash USA Bobsled Team Over Pay Amount

It’s a safe bet that most folks find out how much a job pays before signing on the dotted line, but apparently not everyone does that. USA Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones has been trying to make the Bobsled team for the Winter Olympics and apparently is upset about the compensation. She posted a video on Vine that showed her paycheck of $741 and change and complained that’s all she got after seven months with the team.

Did you not know how much it paid before you signed up for this? I know you’re a little quirky, Lolo, but you have no one to blame but yourself. All the other Bobsledders said it’s an honor to be on the team regardless of compensation. If you were looking for money, you should have asked how much you were going to get before you did it!

Lolo, we’re awful proud of you for trying to rep out country in both the summer and winter Olympics, but don’t bash the folks who gave you that opportunity. Shaking my head…