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2013 NBA Draft: Top 5 Prospects Who Are Most Likely To Succeed

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5 Draft Prospects Who Are Most Likely to Succeed

Mark Zerof-USA Today Sports

We are under a week away from the 2013 NBA Draft and with projections and expectations piling up, let’s glance into those incoming rookies who are the likeliest to succeed down the line.

Mock drafts are piling up, as predictions and top prospects await the decisions and verdicts in relation to where they will begin their NBA careers. However, as we have always seen in year's past, draft order doesn't always work out as projected. There are players who become steals, there are players who find a better fit, there are players who go unheralded and hit their peak at a later date, and there are project prospects who simply never pan out.

From a fans perspective however, you only hope your team is the one who made the right decision.

Take the San Antonio Spurs for instance, who in a draft that included Kyrie Irving, selected Kawhi Leonard at No. 15. Talk about a steal. Talk about finding a guy who could be labeled as "most likely to succeed."

Well, let's take a premature look at some of those type of prospects who could fit that billing. Here are the top five prospects within the 2013 NBA Draft field that are most likely to succeed in the years to come.

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Nerlens Noel

Mark Zerof-USA Today Sports

The 6-foot-11 freshman center was one and done at the collegiate level, despite tearing his ACL midway through SEC play. That aside however, Noel will recover and eventually hit the floor with whatever team elects to draft him. His defensive and athletic mentality should help him improve in the years to come, shedding light on what should be an excellent NBA career.

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C.J. McCollum

Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

There might not be any better scorer in this year’s draft field. Like Noel, McCollum is also fresh off an injury, having missed most of his senior season with foot issues. However, McCollum can light it up and he never once averaged less than 19 points in any of his four seasons at the collegiate level.

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Shabazz Muhammad

Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

The criticism surrounding Muhammad runs deep. From eligibility issues to work ethic question marks, his stock has taken hit after hit. However, in one season at UCLA, Muhammad averaged over 18 points per game. He’s a craft left-hander with good size at 6-foot-6, and if he can get over the mental battle, he can be a dynamite player in the NBA.

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Dennis Schroeder


By way of Germany, Schroeder brings an interesting flare to his game that has already drawn early comparisons to Rajon Rondo. His height is not all that appealing, but his leadership and play making skills are undeniable. Schroeder will be a name that we hear more and more about in the coming years.

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Ricky Ledo


Not many people know the name, Ricky Ledo, but that’s because he has virtually made the leap from the prep level to the pros. Ledo was ineligible this past season at Providence, but at 6-foot-7 his skill set is undeniable. He’s a shooting guard and a legitimate scorer. If Ledo continues to develop, he could be a force in the NBA in the coming years.