Fast Pitch: Joe Torre's Daughter, Jeremy Lamb's Cameo, Worst Sports Uniforms

Joe Torre’s Daughter Receiving High Praise For Catching Baby Who Tumbled Off Fire Escape

Former MLB manager Joe Torre apparently taught his daughter as much about sports as he his players. Check out Paul Seaver’s article to see exactly what heroic feat she accomplished that showed off her athletic ability.

Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Jeremy Lamb Once Posed in WalMart Ad (Photo)

Jeremy Lamb apparently has a background in acting. Who knew? Check out the article in the Clubhouse section to see the Oklahoma City Thunder guard’s funny cameo from back in the day.

10 Worst Alternate Uniforms in Professional Sports

I’m sure you’ve watched a sporting event before that made you want to puke because of the awful uniforms worn by one or even both of the teams. Well, Patrick Karraker put together a slide show that ranks some of the worst unit in sports today. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.

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