Chicago Blackhawks Enjoy Home Ice; Boston Bruins Hope to Take Back Series Lead

If we have learned anything from the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, it’s that the game of hockey is incredibly unpredictable. With the uncanny run that Tuukka Rask and Corey Crawford have been on it was unreal to see 11 goals scored in Game 4. With that being said, the two goaltenders will be on the hot seat come Saturday Night.

Rask and the Boston Bruins‘ defense appeared to be drained on Wednesday with key defensemen like Zdeno Chara making bone-head turnovers and ill-timed passes. Hopefully another day of rest for the Bruins means that the entire team will have fresher legs in Game 5. The blame is going to rest on Rask if indeed he allows six more goals, but the Boston defensemen deserve a decently-sized slice of the blame.

As for the Chicago Blackhawks, the difference between winning and losing will be decided by the always important first line. Head coach Joel Quenneville was forced to shake up the lines when Marian Hossa was scratched prior to Game 4, yet the mixing up of lines had just begun.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have shared the Chicago spotlight since being drafted in 2006 and 2007, respectively. However, the two have rarely been paired on the same line, so it was rather shocking when the two superstars where both on the first line in Game 4. Considering Toews and Kane both found the net on Wednesday, “Coach Q” has no choice but to partner up No. 19 and No. 88 once again.

The United Center will be rocking once the puck drops on Saturday night, but I have no doubt that this series is going seven games.