2013 College World Series: UCLA, Mississippi State Caught in Awkward Finals

One of the greatest things about sports is the fact that they bring together so many different walks of life. For example, the country folks from the Mississippi State Bulldogs are now squaring off against the traditionally rich and pompous UCLA Bruins in the 2013 College World Series.

With two completely different atmospheres, this series is going to be a cultural clash with the final outcome being determined by the slimmest of margins. If these two teams were to play 100 times, each team would likely win 50 games. However, the College World Series finale requires only two wins and both of them will be close games. Even still, the Bulldogs aren’t buying into the Bruins’ hype and UCLA couldn’t care less about Mississippi State’s swagger.

Plenty of future-MLB All-Stars will take the field in this series and the brightest has got to be Hunter Renfroe. A total jitterbug, Renfroe is a five-tool player who has excelled in Omaha. At the same time, the Bruins’ offense has scuffled all tournament long with a measly .182 batting average since the World Series began. Even still, UCLA’s offense can be characterized as opportunistic — they better capitalize on every mistake that the Bulldogs make.

David Berg is a name that you should get familiar with considering the Bruins’ closer has an insanely impressive .96 ERA in over 75 innings this year. As a former walk on, Berg’s story will definitely be a topic of conversation once play gets underway on Monday.

Unfortunately, these two powerhouses will only lock horns for a maximum of three games. A part of me feels that it should be longer — baseball is a game of longevity, so can you really crown a winner after just two wins? Whether I like it or not, a champion will be named before the end of the week — who do you have winning the 2013 College World Series?