Doc Rivers, Brian Shaw, Dave Joerger All Find NBA Coaching Jobs: Who Will Succeed?

Most fans think that out of the four major sports, the NBA requires the least amount of coaching. For example, guys like Phil Jackson are routinely knocked because of the great talent they were fortunate enough to coach — anyone could win with the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. While that might be true, coaching is still a large aspect to basketball and these guys are still getting paid millions of dollars to produce.

Doc Rivers is atop any conversation involving the best NBA coaches of all time and I’m not sure why.

Sure, he was able to lead the Boston Celtics‘ three-ring circus of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to one title, but other than that his resume is rather ordinary. Not to mention, the historic trio was only able to capture one ring while the expectation in Boston was for multiple banners to be hanged. Either way, the Los Angeles Clippers see something that I don’t and are willing to give Rivers a three-year deal worth more than $20 million.

Brian Shaw and Dave Joerger have served their time as assistants and now it’s time for them to put up or shut up.

For the last five years, Shaw has been rumored to multiple coaching jobs, yet remains on the sidelines as an assistant. The Denver Nuggets have finally given Shaw a chance to run his own ship, so let’s see how the Jackson prodigy fares.

Joerger is an interesting guy considering he has spent time in both the D-League as well as the International Basketball Association and the Continental Basketball Association. The Memphis Grizzlies will reap the benefits making a low-profile hire and don’t be surprised when the defensive-minded Joerger has Memphis back in the Western Conference Finals.

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