Rafael Nadal's Early Exit at Wimbledon Leaves Many Shaking Their Heads

How does the No. 5 player in the world dominate the French Open the way Rafael Nadal did and then get bounced so quickly and easily at Wimbledon? Nadal was ousted early for the second year in a row, but this time it was even worse than his second-round bounce from 2012.

Nadal was flat out beat by Steve Darcis, ranked 135th in the world coming into the match. A surprising fifth seed, Nadal looked flat as he was out-served and out-hustled by Darcis, proving yet again that he’s just not worthy of the top ranking in the world because he’s too inconsistent.

So now we won’t get to see the quarterfinal match between Nadal and seventh-seeded Roger Federer because of Nadal’s surprising exit. Sure, they weren’t Nos. 1 and 2, but anytime Nadal and Federer square off in a notable event like Wimbledon, the whole world seems to take notice, regardless of the genuine interest in tennis as a sport. But now we won’t get to see it and that should irritate any sports fan.

Upsets are great in sports, but it’s frustrating to anyone except Nadal haters to see him so high and then so low in such a short time span. Now he’s just like the rest of us: watching Wimbledon from home.