Scottie Pippen Knocks Out a Drunk; Chicago Bulls' Great Still Has It

Scottie Pippen‘s smooth style of play often gave fans the illusion that he was a calm and collected person. On the contrary, Pippen wasn’t afraid to flex his muscles during his playing days and nothing has changed now that he has been retired for nearly a decade.

The most famous right-hand man in NBA history, “Pip” thrived in his role knowing that although he was a superstar, the “face of the franchise” label was never placed upon him for a long period of time. Sure, when Michael Jordan decided to take a career in baseball, No. 33 was forced to play a bigger role on and off the court, but Jordan always took the spotlight over Pippen.

With that being said, idiotic fans can still recognize Pip whenever the Chicago Bulls‘ great decides to step out of his home. As an NBA Hall of Famer, Pippen knows that he is going to get harassed more often than not, but I guess this one drunk was simply too annoying.

Malibu, California is a hot spot for top-notch celebrities and on Sunday night Pippen got into an altercation with an eager fan.

A court date is waiting in the wings, so this really isn’t a laughing matter. On the other hand, the thought of an old timer like Pippen lighting up some intoxicated punk is rather comical. As long as none of the injuries are severe, we can chalk this up to the fires of Pippen still burning hot after being of of the league for 10 years.

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