Baltimore Ravens Bash Miami Heat Championship Parade: Which Celebration Was Better?

Offseason months in any sport can get rather brutal. The same trade rumors fly and boring contract talks can be just that, but are the Baltimore Ravens really so bored to the point where they have to bash the Miami Heat?

Apparently so.

Championship parades are all about glitz, glamour and confetti and the Heat do all three exceptionally well. Upon winning a second NBA title this year, the Miami faithful were rewarded with another get-together and they cherished the moment. However, the Ravens figured they would take to Twitter and bash the Heat parade as pictures surfaced showing a less-than-impressive crowd coming to see LeBron James and company.

In response, Baltimore conceitedly posted a side-by-side picture that showed a minimal Heat parade compared to a Ravens parade that was seemingly packed with die-hard football fans. Sounds hilarious, but the statistics just don’t back up the Ravens’ arrogant claims as only 200,000 fans welcomed back Ray Lewis‘ crew in February and 400,000 swarming Heat fans were a part of Miami’s parade earlier this week.

These two have no relationship whatsoever, so the inter-sport confrontation here is pretty unique. A national punchline for leaving Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals early, Heat fans don’t want this kind of attention as they are already perceived as a bunch of bandwagon-hopping morons. The rubber will hit the road when the Miami Dolphins host the Ravens in Week 5 of the 2013-14 NFL season — hold on to your hats because that one could get messy.

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