2013 NBA Draft: Boston Celtics Select Lucas Nogueira With No. 16 Pick

With the No. 16 pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select Lucas Nogueira .


Age: 20

Height: 7-foot

Position: Center

School/Country: Estudiantes (Brazil)

About the Prospect: 

It’s crazy to think how Nogueira originally declared for the 2011 NBA Draft at just 18 years old, but Nogueira knew it was wise to retract him from contention so he could take a few more years to work on his game to play in the NBA. Now at the age of 20, Nogueira will look to make an impact with a Celtics team that is going to be going through a rebuilding mode over the next couple of years.

About His Impact on Team:

With all of the changes surrounding Boston this offseason, there’s a good chance Nogueira will have the potential to make an impact with the Celtics early on in his career considering the team may be adjusting to life without Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce eventually. Boston certainly has a few stars to keep an eye on over the next couple of years and there’s no reason why the rookie shouldn’t be able to fit right in–so it will certainly be interesting to see what’s in store now that he’s had a few years to develop and prepare for the NBA level.


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