2013 NBA Draft: Brooklyn Nets Select Mason Plumlee With No. 22 Pick

With the 22nd pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Brooklyn Nets select Mason Plumlee.


Age: 23

Height: 6-foot-11

Position: Center

School/Country: Duke

About the Prospect: After four seasons at Duke, Mason Plumlee is looking to embark on a career in the NBA. Plumlee is a first round selection just one year after his older brother, Miles, was selected with the 26th overall pick. Mason is much more athletic than his brother and an ideal pick and roll player for the NBA level. Plumlee can attack the rim and run the floor well, so he’s certainly some who can mix themselves into the rotation right away.

About His Impact on Team: The Nets went the safe route when they selected Plumlee and it’s not a bad fit whatsoever. Surely, the seven footer can put the ball in the basket and is going to work great with Deron Williams in the pick-and-roll offense. Now, the question is whether or not head coach Jason Kidd is going to work Plumlee into the offensive scheme or if the rookie coach will decide to plop the new center on the bench. Caught in a bunch of trade rumors, the Nets could do a number of things this offseason, yet Plumlee is going to a fixture for at least the next two years. Playing alongside an All-Star like Brook Lopez, the former-Blue Devils center will make up for Lopez’s inability to rebound at a high level.


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