2013 NBA Draft: Shane Larkin Selected by Atlanta Hawks, Traded to Dallas Mavericks

With the 18th pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks selected Shane Larkin, but immediately was dealt to the Dallas Mavericks.

Age: 20

Height: 5-foot-11

Position: Point Guard

School/Country: Miami (FL)

About the Prospect: Shane Larkin had a terrific season with the Miami (FL) Hurricanes and in turn, his draft stock responded. At 5-foot-11, Larkin is a bit undersized for the NBA level, but he makes up for things with some good athleticism and his overall ability to run an offense. Larkin was the floor general for the Hurricanes this past season and he should be a nice rotational fit at the NBA level.

About His Impact on Team: With the heart of a champion, Larkin is going to bring a ton of heart to the Dallas Mavericks. Although the point guard was initially drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, the ex-Miami Hurricanes guard will be playing for Mark Cuban‘s crew in 2013. One thing is for certain: the Mavericks gained a big-time shot maker in Larkin, as was evident by his fantastic play in the 2013 National Tournament. As long as he is able to get the ball to Dirk Nowitzki in the post, the newest Mavericks point guard should be able to have a lengthy career in Dallas. However, if Larkin turns the ball over at a high clip he can prepare to have a brief career with a team that didn’t even make the postseason in 2013.


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