Aaron Hernandez Story Gets Worse With Speculation of Motive, Additional Murders

Aaron Hernandez can’t win for losing. The day after he was charged with first-degree murder, ABC is reporting that Hernandez is being investigated again for his possible involvement with two murders in July of 2012.

Oh, it gets better.

The report states that Odin Lloyd — the man who was found dead a mile from Hernandez’s home — knew about the other two murders, which resulted in his own death. So in other words, the common speculation is that Hernandez killed Odin so that he could not spill the beans on the other two murder.

And now ESPN’s top man is reporting that Hernandez is in fact tied to the murders that happened in Boston last year:

In all this crazy news, let’s not forget the New England Patriots handled this situation beautifully by releasing Hernandez immediately following his arrest. At least there is still one NFL team that has some integrity.