If Found Guilty, Aaron Hernandez Has No One to Blame But Himself

He’s only been charged. He hasn’t been convicted, nothing has been proven and he’s pleaded not guilty. However, Aaron Hernandez has already thrown away something that he’ll never be able to get back.

The New England Patriots released the former Pro Bowl tight end less than an hour after he was arrested on Wednesday morning, ending his chance to win multiple Super Bowls and possibly put together a Hall of Fame career in New England. Not only that, but if he’s convicted of his first-degree murder charge, he may never see the light of day again.

Again, he’s innocent until proven innocent and God bless America for that right. However, evidence shows that he was at least present during the murder of Odin Lloyd, meaning that if nothing else, he put himself in a bad situation and did it willingly.

Listen, I ain’t perfect and neither are you. But as a mere athletic mortal, it’s hard to swallow that a guy in Hernandez’s shoes — who gets paid millions to play football — would just throw that away.

Most importantly, our prayers go out to the family of Lloyd because regardless of who he was or what he did, he didn’t deserve to be killed by another human. May he rest in peace.