Oregon's Sanctions From NCAA Are a Joke, Sign of Bigger Problems

The NCAA is a joke. The cowardly powers that be in collegiate athletics have failed to properly discipline another spoiled child of a school and it will result in yet another corrupt program thriving in its future dominance of college sports illegally. What else is new, right?

How the heck did Oregon get four different “punishments” in its sanctions from the NCAA, but no bowl ban? That’s like telling a mischievous child he or she can’t have their dinner, but they can have dessert — it makes no sense.

So the Ducks will leave the principal’s office with a slap on the wrist and Chip Kelly gets off scott free. Seriously, how does a college coaching ban effect a man who is now an NFL head coach? Again, no sense.

And this is after all that talk about the NCAA cracking down on trouble-making schools. You know that is? A bunch of baloney.

Until this problem is fixed, these violations are only going to get worse until college sports are changed into a business that openly admits financial greed. I mean, we already know it’s just a business, but at least now we still pretend it’s the “student-athlete experience” that’s top priority. I’ll believe that when pigs fly.