Fast Pitch: Jeremy Schaap's Slip, Gilbert Arenas' Bomb Squad, Donovan McNabb's Tweet

Jeremy Schaap Slips By Saying Aaron Rodgers, Not Aaron Hernandez, For Murder Charges

ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap had a little slip of the tongue, but on a major subject: MURDER. New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is suspected, but Schaap accidentally said the name of one of the NFL‘s top quarterbacks instead. Needless to say, Green Bay Packers fans aren’t happy.

Gilbert Arenas Arrested in California For Having Illegal Fireworks in Truck

Gilbert Arenas in also in trouble with the law, again. Although, his case is not as extreme. There was illegal product in the back of his truck that required the bomb squad to investigate. Seriously, why does a dude need that many fireworks. It ain’t the Fourth of July yet!

Donovan McNabb Chimes in on Aaron Hernandez With Another Ridiculous Twitter Post

Donovan McNabb was a great NFl quarterback, but he doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, when it comes to broadcasting. He recently made a tweet about the Hernandez murder situation that was just flat-out ridiculous, and to see it, click on the link above.

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