Fast Pitch: Doc Rivers Upset, Funniest Sports Movies, Super Bowl Ring Found at Airport

Rarely do members of the media get into spats with head coaches, so the Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers saga is hilarious. Bitter about Rivers leaving the Boston Celtics, Simmons said something about Doc that made the NBA stop and stare. As for the new Los Angeles Clippers head coach? Oh — Rivers had his fair share of criticism towards Simmons too, so be sure to let us know who you think won this cute little skirmish.
It’s not easy making a sports movie that doesn’t have cliche written all over it. However, a few film makers have nailed the concept and deserve to be commended for their great efforts. At last, we have compiled a list that breaks down some of the funniest sports movies and ranks them accordingly — be sure to tell us just how funny each movie was and feel free to cheer “RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!” after reading.
Winning a Super Bowl is a life-changing event to say the least, so why did an ex-San Francisco 49ers player lose his NFL bling at an airport restroom? Luckily, someone who serves coffee for a living was able to do something with the ring that none of us will ever forget. Remember: what goes around comes around and you always want to have some good karma on your side!
There are a ton of gems in the Clubhouse section, so make sure you check all of our great articles out!
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