David West Re-Signing Gives Indiana Pacers Tremendous Leverage in NBA Offseason

After coming up just short in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Indiana Pacers‘ top priority this offseason was to re-sign David West, which they did on Tuesday with a new three-year contract. The solid forward was a vital part of Indiana’s deep playoff run that ended just one game shy of the NBA Finals. Now that West is back, it’s time for another run. Look out, Miami Heat.

West is a fundamentally-sound player on both ends of the floor and he’s a mentally-tough veteran who most teams would kill to have on their roster. Now that he’s in the fold, the Pacers have all the leverage in the talk for Danny Granger, who is undoubtedly going to be traded at some point, whether it be this offseason or during the regular season.

With West locked up, the Granger trade could make the Pacers more than just a challenger to Miami in the Eastern Conference. Indiana was a title contender last year, but with some more depth added in a deal for Granger, they could become title favorites.

That Game 7 that saw Indiana come up short will be a distant memory and West will be along for the ride. It’s still a year away, but get ready. The Pacers are coming.