NBA Teams' Shameless Pitches to Dwight Howard Are Embarrassing

When you piece all the reports together, Dwight Howard had a very busy couple of days to start this holiday week. DH12 apparently watched almost half a dozen dog and pony shows from NBA teams shamelessly begging for his services. Let’s review those embarrassing moments, shall we?

Howard reportedly met with the Houston Rockets minutes after the free agency period began after midnight on Sunday and rumor has it he asked them to add another star so that he and James Harden would be part of a Big Three. Really, dude?

Howard met with the Golden State Warriors on Monday, who are the long shot in the Dwightmare sweepstakes, but they apparently said they’re willing to give up the farm for Dwight. So if he wants to play in Oakland and that fancy new stadium the team is going to build, it’s possible.

Howard also met with his hometown Atlanta Hawks on Monday, but it’s unlikely he’ll sign with them now that Chris Paul is entrenched in Hollywood with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Mark Cuban was accompanied by none other than Dirk Nowitzki in a trip to Beverly Hills on Tuesday to meet with Howard, so it’s obvious the Dallas Mavericks truly are “all in” for the Big Headache. If they only knew what they were getting themselves into…

Finally, Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak on Saturday and then again in the official meeting on Tuesday, which was absolutely ridiculous. Kobe Bryant was there and the Lakers flew in Steve Nash from New York, who tweeted about a statue for Howard.

Um, dude has to actually accomplish something in L.A. before that’s even an option. Heck, the Lakers even brought in reps from Time Warner Cable, with whom the team just signed a $5 billion television contract. Rumor has it they even offered Howard his own show!

No, seriously.

So after all this nonsense, where do you think will Howard sign after his “Decision”? Comment below and let us know!