Why Was Tim Tebow Reportedly at a Florida-Area Bar With Aaron Hernandez?

Just when you thought the Aaron Hernandez saga couldn’t possibly get any weirder…Tim Tebow‘s name is now being thrown around due to a 2007 bar fight that they both were involved in. Once Florida Gators teammates, the two star players weren’t exactly the best of friends, yet they were close enough to reportedly hit up a bar while in college together.

A total wild child, Hernandez was prone to trouble while with the Gators, but this incident is particularly interesting considering he was accompanied by the infamous No. 15. Reports say that the quarterback attempted to get No. 81 out of the bar as soon as possible. However, the eventual NFL All-Pro tight end was unable to be restrained and eventually bashed the eardrum of a bar employee, which is a total sucker-punch move, but it’s Hernandez — what did you expect?

Either way, the sweet-talking skills of Tebow apparently came in handy as Hernandez was believed to be on the hook for a felony, but no charges were ever filed.

It’s an absolute shame that the ex-New England Patriots tight end won’t be on the roster this season. While I understand he is a murder suspect, could you imagine the party stories we would have if the Tebow and Hernandez reunion happened in Foxborough?

For now, we have to wait and see if Tebow had any more involvement with Hernandez — don’t be surprised if reports surface that the Gators’ icon tried to get Hernandez to come to Jesus more than once.

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