Yasiel Puig is an MLB All-Star; Jonathan Papelbon is an Absolute Idiot

It never fails: whenever a superstar takes center stage at the MLB level someone opens their mouth and shoots down said athlete’s success. This time it’s Jonathan Papelbon who is raining on Yasiel Puig‘s gigantic parade. The debate shaking the baseball world is over the 2013 MLB All-Star Game and whether or not Puig should be a part of it.

For me, this is a no-brainer. No. 66 has uplifted the otherwise lackadaisical Los Angeles Dodgers and LA is finally seeing some Ws in the box score. Since Puig has put on a Dodgers uniform, the club has a total record of 16-11 — prior to Puig’s emergence the team was falling apart with an embarrassing last-place record of 23-32.

Aside from his sheer production, the National League would benefit from having a five-tool player like Puig on the roster. With this American League  vs. National League battle deciding home-field advantage at the World Series, each teams must field a squad that gives the league the best chance to win. Considering Puig is currently hitting at a .443 clip, it’s safe to say that he is going only improve the NL’s chances in the “Midsummer Classic.”

I could go all day talking about what makes Puig so deserving of the All-Star nod. However, if the fans don’t vote and NL manager Bruce Bouchy doesn’t select the Dodgers’ outfielder then it’s all for nothing. Leaving Puig out of the All-Star game is an absolute travesty and won’t taken lightly by MLB fans who appreciate the game of baseball.

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