Dwight Howard Reportedly Picks Houston Rockets, Ends His Drama Queen Saga Early

It’s reportedly a done deal: Dwight Howard will play for the Houston Rockets in 2013. It didn’t take quite as long as everyone expected, but the Big Headache picked the team everyone expected him to and milked as much attention as he could out of the whole deal. Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so.

Our partners over at USA Today have the official report about Howard’s decision, which wasn’t supposed to come until next week and of course, he wanted to make it himself. Again, is anyone surprised Howard wanted to do something to draw more attention to himself? Didn’t think so.

The wild card is earlier reports stating Howard told the Rockets that he wanted them to add a third superstar to create their own Big Three with him and James Harden, so now the speculation as to which star Houston will try to land begins. Josh Smith is still the biggest name left on the free agent market and he would actually be a good fit in Houston, so that’s definitely a possibility. Now that Howard has signed, Smith and all other free agents can actually begin negotiating since the rest of the NBA now knows where Howard is, so no one is “held hostage” anymore.

Who do you think the Rockets will sign to complete their Big Three? What’s your take on Howard’s decision? Comment below and let us know!