Fast Pitch: Roddy White Blasts Brad Stevens, Chad Johnson on Treadmill, Adam Schefter on NBA

Chad Johnson Wants to Show You He Can Run 24 M.P.H. on a Treadmill

First up, Chad Johnson, Ochocinco or whatever his name is now trying a new tactic to get back into the NFL. The former receiver posted a video of himself on YouTube doing something pretty impressive on a treadmill, but we’re not sure it’s going to help his chances of playing again. Check out Dan Parzych’s article in the Clubhouse section for the video by clicking the link above and you tell us with a comment below.

Roddy White Blasts Brad Stevens Hiring via Twitter

A lot of Boston Celtics fans were excited about the team hiring former Butler head coach Brad Stevens earlier this week, but to put it politely, Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White — who is apparently a huge C’s fan — was not. He blasted the team and Stevens on Twitter and Ronny Carlton has all the details in his Clubhouse article.

Is Adam Schefter ESPN’s New NBA Insider?

Adam Schefter is the main man when it comes to breaking NFL news on Twitter, but with NBA free agency heating up, he’s apparently taking his talents to the hardwood. To find out the details, check out Jack Jorgensen’s article in the Clubhouse section.