Nnamdi Asomugha, Kerry Washington Run Off to Idaho, Surprisingly Tie the Knot

Nnamdi Asomugha is bringing his NFL career back to California, but this time he will be accompanied by a rather famous lady. Kerry Washington and Asomugha tied the knot in late June of this year, but it was not made public until more recently. Due to his two awful seasons in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Eagles fans still have a bone to pick with the newlywed.

These two lovebirds both have very successful careers as Washington is a star in the ABC hit show Scandal. Not to mention, the actress will be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair in August of 2013. How ironic that an overrated defensive back like Asomugha is married to a cover girl — get it? Either way, the story here is that the couple was able to sneak off to Blaine County, Idaho and tie the knot.

What in the world is in Blaine County?

Perhaps the duo is already sick of the California media and saw this as a rare opportunity to dodge the always annoying paparazzi. Now a part of the San Francisco 49ers, the veteran cornerback is hoping that a move to the opposite end of the country does him and the wife some good. One thing is for certain: his tenure with the 49ers can’t possibly be more brutal than his time with Eagles was. Reports surfaced last year that Asomugha was so disengaged with his teammates that he often ate lunch in his car — maybe he just needed some alone time to text and/or call Williams, who knows?

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