From Class Clown to Detroit Pistons Assistant Coach, What to Expect From Rasheed Wallace?

It seems like the hip thing for recently-retired NBA players to do is to take up a coaching gig someplace. The Brooklyn Nets took a chance and added Jason Kidd as their head coach in June and it was a move of trendsetting proportions. Now, the Detroit Pistons have agreed on Rasheed Wallace being one of team’s assistant coaches.

Yes — the same Wallace who has found a way to upset every single referee in the NBA during his 16-year career at the professional level. Something tells me that Wallace will never be known as a brown-nosing type of coach. Instead, ‘Sheed will try to propel the Pistons to the postseason for the first time in four years via his fiery and savvy coaching style.

Do these newly-retired NBA guys really have nothing better do?

No — they do. However, the story here is that former All-Stars like Kidd and Wallace know basketball and that’s about it. I’m not degrading the intelligence of either coach, but it’s obvious that basketball players without a well-rounded education are taken aback when they finally are told to get off of the court for good.

I understand that Wallace can bring a different dynamic than an assistant coach who is educated to do so. Yet, the pattern of NBA players resorting to coaching shows a rather troubling part about professional sports as a whole. Time will tell if ‘Sheed does any good for the rebuilding Pistons. At the end of the day, be sure to keep an eye on how many other retired ballers are coaching before the fall begins — the amount may surprise you.

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