MLB All-Star Final Vote: Which Campaigns Are the Most Creative?

More often than not, creativity in sports is rewarded. Fans of all four major sports usually prefer some flare over the same boring routines. It’s important to keep that much in mind as the MLB All-Star Game Final Vote comes back into the national conversation. Each year, the MLB All-Star rosters are announced and then five players from each league are put into separate pools in which the fans can vote and send one to the All-Star game.

As “America’s pastime,” baseball has to be democratic in every sense of the word.

Just like political candidates, there are a few things that fans look at when deciding who to send to the All-Star Game. Statistics play a major role in the process, yet the other factor going into this is creativity.

In the American League, the five relief pitchers are easy to get mixed up. However, Tanner Scheppers of the Texas Rangers has a campaign that involves the infamous “Tanner Family” from the 1990s hit show “Full House.” Anyone familiar with Uncle Joey will definitely be compelled to #TakeTanner to the 2013 All-Star Game.

The National League is a little more entertaining with five position players, but the contest is surely to be won by Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig. Although the Dodgers also have Adrian Gonzalez on the Final Vote ballot, everyone in LA — Gonzalez included — knows that Puig is the fan favorite. Putting his pride on the shelf, A-Gon threw out this quote and it really shows his class:

“I want Puig to go. I’m voting for Puig. That’s what the fans want to see.”

Hopefully there is some drama in the AL Final Vote, because Puig appears to have the NL ballot wrapped up. Hey — HERE is a unique list of all 2013 Final Vote candidates ranked from the least to most creative.

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