Aaron Hernandez Saga Gets Confusing: Who Snitched On Who?

While the murder of Odin Lloyd remains a highly-publicized case, the smoking-gun evidence that authorities have been looking for to convict Aaron Hernandez just hasn’t popped up. Hernandez smashed his home’s security cameras and his cell phone prior to getting arrested for first-degree murder — both were seen as major red flags at the time.

Now, the text message and phone call records have emerged and the ex-New England Patriots tight end is likely to be thrown behind bars for the rest of his life for fatally shooting Lloyd. However, the aforementioned smoking-gun evidence of a confession has not yet been brought to the forefront. With that being said, the Miramar Police Department in Florida got a tip earlier this week and may have found the eye witness that the investigation has been lacking.

According to Carlos Ortiz — a fellow suspect and friend of Hernandez — the ex-NFL All-Pro told Ernest Wallace — another fellow suspect and friend that Hernandez indeed killed Lloyd. So to make a confusing story even more difficult here goes: Ortiz is saying that a friend told him, that another friend told that friend that Hernandez killed Lloyd.

Seems legitimate.

A bigger story would be if Wallace himself said that Hernandez confessed, but this story has moved through four different people and it’s at that point when the truth and rumors start to get blurred into one.

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