Fast Pitch: Brain Tumor Named "Michigan", Soccer Referee Killed, Cleveland Browns Fan Gets Witty

Brazilian Soccer Referee Gets Beheaded After Murdering Player; Glaring Problems With Society Arise

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, by a long shot. However, this story of a Brazilian soccer refs pulling out a knife and getting beheaded after the game is absolutely ridiculous. Connor Muldowney did a wonderful job covering this awful saga, but be careful when reading this clubhouse piece, because it get’s rather graphic.
Have you ever thought about naming your nagging illness after your rival team? Well, Ohio State Buckeyes fan Grant Reed decided to name his brain tumor “Michigan” just so he could beat the illness and the Wolverines at the same time. Reed is only 12-years-old and has the willpower of a grown man. Author of this piece Patrick Schmidt brings up a great point: with Reed’s tumor subsiding, the little Buckeye should be able to go to the big house in Ann Arbor on Novemeber 30th when the Buckeyes take on the real Michigan Wolverines.

The Cleveland Browns haven’t won an NFL playoff game in 14 years, so the Browns’ faithful have gotten used to the phrase “this team is going to kill me.” Well, a Cleveland fan recently kicked the bucket and asked the Browns organization if they could round up six pall bearers to let him down one last time. Come on now — wouldn’t you rather have your family lay you to rest and not some awful football team? Check out Marilee Gallagher’s piece and tell us what you think about this zany Browns fan and his last request.