Ranter X: Anna Benson is One Crazy Girl

So why exactly is Ranter X still single these days? Well, just look at what happened with Anna Benson this week–it’s stories like this that make him have a fear of commitment and getting involved with a relationship.

Even Ranter X used to have the biggest crush in the world on Benson back in the day, but now that she shows up to Kris Benson’s house wearing a bulletproof vest while holding a gun and demanding $30,000–the last thing Ranter X needs to do is walk down a path like that again! Yes, even Ranter X a history of dating a fair-share of crazy ladies (thanks for the memories Veronica!).

Did Anna really think this wouldn’t come back and haunt her? Did she think that Kris would just look at this situation as a minor incident and eventually say, “Hey honey remember that one time you wore that hot bulletproof vest and demanded money while holding a gun to my face? That was hilarious!”

For the sake of all men in this world, keep this girl locked up in prison and off the streets because it’s only a matter of time before she goes for her next victim. Professional sports has seen plenty of crazy stories over the years when it comes to bizarre relationships, but this incident between Anna and Kris may go down as one of the craziest of all time.

Next time, let’s hope Kris does a better job at picking out the female that he dates so he can avoid future situations like this.