60 Seconds of Shame: Justin Bieber, Aaron Hernandez, Alex Rodriguez, and Ryan Braun

News flash: Justin Bieber — bandwagon extraordinaire — is suddenly a Chicago Blackhawks fan. Hockey really isn’t your kind of sport, Biebs. I’d suggest badminton, or perhaps a bracing round of croquet. Much less chance to mess up your hair, or break a nail. Do you even know what a puck is? Of course you don’t. Shame!

Aaron Hernandez needs to watch CSI. He thought destroying his cell phone and his security system was going to save him. And Robert Kraft was so concerned about the situation that he rushed back from his European vacation three weeks later. Bob, were you unable to get transportation so you had to go by mule to the coast and rent a canoe for your cross Atlantic trip? And then you want to cry because you think that a thug lied to you? Come on man–this is just ridiculous. Shame!

Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun shot up and then told everyone their big new muscles came from pumping iron. Yeah right, and Barry Bonds‘ expanded hat size came from a bee sting. Tell it to the judge! If you really had nothing to hide, it wouldn’t be so hard to be meet with the league and explain what you may or may not know. Shame!