Fast Pitch: Trick Shot Titus Gets Hit, Lamar Odom Is Crazy, Dwight Howard's Breakfast

Watch This Hilarious Video of Lamar Odom Freaking Out at Paparazzi Asking About Khloe Kardashian

Has Lamar Odom finally had enough of the pressure that goes along with being married to Khloe Kardashian? Apparently so, because the Khloe and Lamar train is running out steam and Odom has been caught taking his frustrations out on the paparazzi. A freakish athlete, Odom can be seen in Dan Parzych’s article just hurling camera equipment onto a busy street — it’s safe to say that Odom is sick of the bright lights.

Watch Trick Shot Titus Take an Unfortunate Basketball Pass to the Face

“Trick Shot Titus” has been the king of the Internet in recent weeks, but now the two-year-old is trying to recover from a concussion! Okay — not really, but some clown reporter threw a basketball at the poor kids face and laughed about it. Hopefully this doesn’t scare the promising youngster away from the game that has made him famous. Once again, Dan Parzych covered this incident like a blanket.

Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard Buys Breakfast For Entire Local Restaurant

For all the Dwight Howard bashing going on in the world of sports media, it’s about time for everyone to give the big guy a round of applause. Trying to make some new friends, Howard is reaching his new Houston Rockets fans with pancakes. Paul Seaver has the scoop in the clubhouse section, but here’s the long story made short: Howard made sure that the patrons in a Houston-area restaurant enjoyed the most important meal of the day on his dime. It’s a step in the right direction, Dwight.