Wrigley Field Facelift: Chicago Cubs Welcome JumboTron, Rooftop Owners Don't

When you look at pictures of Wrigley Field that were taken the last time that the Chicago Cubs went to a World Series and compare them to the modern day photos, you can’t see much of a difference. The landmark scoreboard in center field is the same as it was in 1935 and the stadium’s surrounding area is very similar. However, the renovations are coming to Wrigleyville and there is nothing you can do about.

Unless of course, you are an owner of one of the infamous rooftops across the street from Wrigely Field, because those are the only people who have some authority.

The reason that the Cubs have had such trouble implementing the JumboTron in the past is due to the massive inconvenience that it would cause the businesses on the rooftops. However, those issues are slowly starting to subside as the City of Chicago is backing the Cubs and Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been in the Cubbies’ corner all along.

Getting away from the party-pooping rooftop owners, the Cubs’ fan base might have a bit of a culture shock once the JumboTron is placed in left field. Just imagine a 5,700 flat screen being placed at your Grandfather’s house after years of having a basic television set. MLB fans are creatures of habit, so the adjustment could be rather difficult for a few of  baseball’s oldest and most traditional fans.

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