Cheaters: Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell Ruin Olympics With More Positive Tests

What do Manny Ramirez, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell all have in common? They’re cheaters, who have tested positive for drugs that prove their involvement in cheating the game that made them famous.

Everyone knows about the steroid issues that MLB has battled in last 15 years, but the performance enhancing drugs have made their way to the Olympics as well. Unfortunately, the historic event is being mocked by proven users like Powell and Gay. It’s unreal to think that these sprinters are risking all of their hard work by taking these drugs, yet the tests don’t lie.

Both Olympians have been in trouble with this kind of thing in the past, so you can’t be shocked by the duo’s cheating ways.

Of course, Gay and Powell are taking the easy route and aren’t admitting to anything — how predictable? In fact, Powell posted a picture on twitter that he used to tell all of his followers that he “Never knowingly or willingly taken any supplements or substances that break any rules.” This is almost as bad as the players who are busted with recreational drugs and claim that they’re holding it for a friend — I’m not buying it, Powell.

Like it or not, we will all be subjected to these lying cheats for the rest of our lives as the use of performance enhancing drugs isn’t going anywhere.

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