Fast Pitch: Torii Hunter Interview, Tennessee Titans Fan, ESPN vs. San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Provide Their Own ‘Sharknado’ to Burn ESPN

Given its constant coverage of the unimportant Tim Tebow, ESPN‘s following has decreased in the recent years. However, the network is in the news for tweeting one of the worst jokes in the history of jokes toward the San Jose Sharks. Let’s just say that the Sharknado reference was poor and that San Jose got the last laugh — check out Jack Jorgenson’s article to chuckle even more!

Watch This Hilarious Interview of a Tennessee Titans Fan Waiting For Tickets

It’s no mystery that the popularity of the NFL has skyrocketed as of late. With that being said, a few people take the whole “die hard fan” thing way too serious — I’m looking at you Tennessee Titans fans! Dan Parzych has an article in the clubhouse section about a certain Titans fan, who might just be the biggest moron on the planet.

Torii Hunter of the Detroit Tigers Gives One of the Best Interviews From the 2013 MLB Season

Have you ever been asked a question and just wanted to slap the person who had the audacity to ask such a thing? Well, Torii Hunter is known for being a media-friendly player, but he was tight lipped last week and it made the folks interviewing him laugh pretty hard. Luckily, Dan Parzyzch covered this incident like a blanket and you can check out Hunter’s classic sound bite in the clubhouse section.

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