2013 British Open Preview

The most interesting major tournament of the year is upon us and the story lines entering the 2013 British Open make it the most intriguing golf event of the season by far. Add in the fact that the infamous Muirfield Golf Club is hosting the third major of the season, and this thing is about to get wild.

The last time the British Open was played at Muirfield, players saw all four seasons on the same day during the third round, which caused scores of players near the top and bottom of the world’s rankings to vary beyond description. Will we see similar results this year in the British Isles? You better betcha.

As for the players, the balance of power in the golf world is shifting and the British Open could make things even more weird…and awesome. Justin Rose won the 2013 U.S. Open a month ago as the 11th first-time major winner in the last 13 major tournaments. Considering the world’s top two golfers — Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy — are struggling, we are just as primed to see a 12th first-time major winner as we are to see Tiger win his 15th major.

If you’re placing bets on this year’s British Open winner, you might as well join the weatherman in Muirfield — just close your eyes, spin the wheel and then cross your fingers. In other words, good luck; you and the golfers are going to need it.