Fast Pitch: Yasiel Puig Playboy, Matt Harvey Undercover, Summer Vacation

Yasiel Puig Hangs Out With Snoop Lion and Chris Brown at Playboy Mansion Party

The Los Angeles Dodgers fan base was crushed when it learned that Yasiel Puig wouldn’t be playing in the 2013 MLB All-Star Game. Luckily, the Dodgers’ outfielder hasn’t wasted the time off and was seen recently enjoying himself at the one and only Playboy mansion. Puig may not know a ton of the English language just yet, but  he certainly knows what Playboy Magazine is. Dan Parzyzch nailed home this article and even gave Snoop Lion some love, so check it out.

Matt Harvey Goes Undercover to Ask People What They Think About Matt Harvey

If you saw Matt Harvey walking down your street, would you recognize the New York Mets‘ ace? Despite being the National League starter in this year’s MLB All-Star Game, multiple New York natives didn’t know Harvey from Adam. Thankfully, you can see this hilarious video in the clubhouse section, where Connor Muldowney has the scoop.

15 Professional Athletes I’d Love to Go on Summer Vacation With

It’s the dead of summer, but that doesn’t mean that we have to settle with being bored all season long! Instead of kicking back on your lawn chair until the winter comes, how about getting down with a famous athlete? Jack McKinney has a great piece in the clubhouse section as he counts down the top 15 athletes who he’d love to spend the rest of his summer with — No. 1 on his list will leave you either leave you irate or laughing hysterically.