Johnny Manziel Feels Like Justin Bieber, is the Next Tim Tebow...Sort Of

There must be something in the water at College Station because Johnny Manziel is the looniest athlete of the year and it’s not close. In just the past week, he’s made more headlines off the field than he should in a career.

First he plead guilty to a misdemeanor from 2012 in which he got into a bar fight and was then caught with a fake ID from Louisiana, even though he’s from Kerrville, Texas. Then he reportedly apologized to Texas A&M officials for his crazy behavior, that included many photos of him with scantily-clad women and alcohol in his hands, even though he’s still not 21.

But the best part was Johnny Football‘s press conference after all this, in which he said he felt like Justin Bieber with so many media members clamoring for his attention. Really, Johnny? That’s who you feel like?

The Biebs is just as big a moron as Manziel, just in a different way, but we sure don’t have time to get into all of that.

The bottom line is Manziel is quickly become the next Tim Tebow as far as polarizing media attention goes. If you’re sick of Tebow news, you’re in luck. If you’re already sick of Manziel, you might want to cancel your cable subscription. Manzielmania is upon us and it ain’t gonna be pretty.