Lolo Jones Reportedly Gets In Barroom Brawl; USA Bobsled Team in Shambles

Let’s face it — Lolo Jones‘ transition from USA track and field to Olympic bobsledding hasn’t exactly been as smooth as ice. A few weeks removed from embarrassing the entire bobsledding sport with a video involving her paycheck, Jones is now in the news for reportedly pummeling a fellow Olympic bobsledder.

As reports have it, Jones got rather intoxicated in a Lake Placid bar recently and did her best Floyd Mayweather impersonation.

It’d be one thing if Jones wiped the floor with some nobody, but instead she apparently attacked Any Van Dyken, who is none other than the stepdaughter of bobsledding legend Tony Carlino. As a matter of fact, Carlino has coached the USA Olympic bobsled team in the past, so if the reports are true Jones is going to be in serious trouble with the sport’s officials.

We all know of at least one conceited coaches kid, who loves to run their spoiled little mouth. For all intensive purposes, Van Dyken could have definitely been asking for a rear-end kicking and Jones was simply there to provide it.

However, until all of the details are on the table, we really can’t say who started the incident. With that being said, this is the second time in the last month that Jones has brought attention to bobsledding in a negative way. Yet, for an unpopular sport like bobsledding one thing is always true: any publicity is good publicity.

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