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Top 5 Landing Spots for Mike Miller After Amesty From Miami Heat

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Top 5 Landing Spots For Mike Miller

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The Miami Heat blew everyone away on Tuesday when the defending champs used their amnesty provision and waived sharpshooter Mike Miller. Coming off back-to-back titles as a vital part of Miami's offense, Miller is sure to be a hot commodity and there are eight teams that really fit the bill for his services. We've narrowed it to the top five, however.

After shooting an astonishing 11-of-18 from beyond the arc during Miami's seven game series victory over the San Antonio Spurs in last month's NBA Finals, Miller clearly became an intricate part of the team's success.

Now, there's no doubt that the Heat can move forward and still win a third consecutive championship without Miller in the fold next year, but there's no questioning the importance and key shots he hit during the team's past playoff run. Miller is a role player and a sharpshooter and people know what he brings to the table. Somebody will pick up Miller simply because of the X-Factor mentality that he can bring to the table.

Well, without further ado, let's tackle the top five landing spots for free agent guard, Mike Miller:

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No. 5- Indiana Pacers

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Indiana will almost certainly trade Danny Granger this off-season, so that team that was one win away from the NBA Finals this year could really add some offensive depth with a guy like Miller, who could score without playing a lot of hard minutes.

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No. 4- New York Knicks

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Put simply, New York needs help scoring the ball. I know, that's a weird thing to say about a team with Carmelo Anthony on the roster, but it's true and Miller would provide a deep threat without disrupting Melo's flow.

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No. 3- Oklahoma City Thunder

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Oklahoma City realized this past postseason that Russell Westbrook wasn't the only thing missing. Especially now considering Kevin Martin is gone, adding firepower from a two-time champ like Miller would be perfect for the Thunder.

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No. 2- Los Angeles Lakers

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With Dwight Howard now gone, LA could really use another veteran who can flat out shoot. That's Miller to a T and he already knows how to play on a team with an overbearing superstar, so he's Kobe material.

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No. 1- Houston Rockets

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Houston has two superstars who need the ball to score, so why not add a veteran who doesn't? Miller would be lost by opposing defenses among all the attention garnered by James Harden and Dwight Howard, meaning he'd have plenty of open looks, which could mean Finals or bust for the Rockets.