Lawsuit, End of Contract With EA Sports Prove NCAA at Fault for Using Athletes' Likenesses

The NCAA is currently fighting a lawsuit that accuses the governing body of college athletics of owing billions of dollars to former athletes whose likenesses were used in EA Sports video games and now says it won’t renew its contract to keep making the games.

Oh, so now the NCAA is worried about the illegal money it’s been making off college athletes for years through EA Sports! As our very own Devin O’Barr often says, the NCAA is more crooked than an Illinois politician and the fact it took a lawsuit for the organization to do something about it is ridiculous.

I’ll use the oldest example in the book: When there’s a video game called NCAA Football 10 that features a Florida Gators quarterback with a fullback’s body wearing No. 15 and fails to identify his name, that’s illegal use of Tim Tebow‘s likeness. Plain and simple. If you argue that point, you’re a moron, and you shouldn’t be allowed to watch college sports anymore.

Look, something should have been done about this a long time ago, so better late than never, I guess. It’s a never-ending debate whether or not college athletes should receive a salary for playing sports, but they should be compensated for their likeness being used by other organizations and business who have made billions off them.

Put simply, college sports are filled with crooks and that will likely never change.