Los Angeles Lakers Foolish to Eye Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James for 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers have absolutely gone off the deep end this time. Reports and rumors are flying all over the place that L.A. is looking to sign Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James in 2014. But there are two really big problems the Lakers have overlooked.

For starters, LeBron and Melo might not even be available next summer. Both players have contracts that extend through the 2014 season, although they could opt out a year early if they choose. But right now word on the street is neither player is considering that at this point.

Oh, and the biggest problem is the one player who will definitely be demanding a truckload of cash this time next year. Kobe Bryant isn’t going anywhere, folks and if the Lakers think he can exist on the same team with Melo or LeBron, they’ve completely lost their marbles. This guy ran Dwight Howard out of town with his overbearing antics and although Howard likely would have run like the coward he is anyway, Bryant certainly deserves part of the blame for the Lakers simply losing out on a big-time free agent for the first time in franchise history.

All the Dwightmare drama must have really done a number on the Lakers because they’re clearly not thinking straight. They really think they’ll have Kobe and LeBron or Melo? Yeah, keep dreaming, Hollywood.